Go Green Goats
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Go Green Goats

Got Weeds? We have Goats!


Do you have a weedy or brushy area that needs cleaning?  Do you have a horse or cattle pasture taken over by weeds?  Do you have a fence line or hedge row you would like to reclaim? Do you have storm water management or a riparian area that needs to be cleaned?  Do you have invasive plant species?  Do you have a populated area, such as neighborhoods, schools, or golf courses, that you shouldn’t use chemicals or machines? How about undergrowth to prevent brush fires?  The list could go on and on.  If you have a weed or brush problem, we have the natural solution.  

Using goats to control brush, weeds, and invasive species is a cost effective and ecologically beneficial.  Control of brush and invasive species help promote the growth of native and beneficial plants. Goats efficiently clean areas that are inaccessible or difficult to manage with mowers and sensitive areas where the application of herbicides is not appropriate.  
Our region is surrounded by wetlands and waterways, it is our responsibility to protect them. Development, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, machines, fossil fuels, and erosion can all damage these sensitive areas. Goats restore plant species that better clean the air and reduce water pollution. They eliminate emissions from machines and don’t disturb the ground. Best of all, Goats are great at spreading natural slow release fertilizer while they graze!
We provide everything from installing temporary fencing to daily care for the goats.  We professionally install fencing to protect our goats and your property.  No job to big or small.  Contact us for a free estimate.
Go Green Goats!
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