CSA - Meat, Vegetables, and Eggs

   CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

Zekiah Farms is pleased to be able to provide you with several CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, options. Joining the CSA, you the consumer and we the farmer create a relationship that builds sustainable agriculture by ensuring we have a market for our meats and vegetables; you have plates full of very fresh, healthy, and humane dinners for months to come.


Buy Local
Your support helps small local farms stay afloat.
Connect with the food you eat by meeting your farmers and exploring the farms.
The CSA is not cheaper than a grocery store; however, we offer an excellent product at a fair price.
Eat Well
Buy the freshest possible food for your family.
Explore new foods and learn to cook with them.
Be Healthy
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit.
Share healthy eating habits with your kids. Expose them early to a variety of regional produce.
Protect the Environment
Support farmers who take care of their land by growing food in ways that take care of the soil.
Cut down on the number of miles your food travels from the farm to your plate.


Meat Share

Available year round

The CSA season will run six months (Jan-June & July-Dec). Members will be able to pick up their share at the farm on the 1st Saturday of the month from 12-3pm.


Zekiah Farms naturally raised meats are hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free. Our animals are raised on a natural diet of pasture, hay, and grain to meet their nutritional needs.


Providing our customers with the best meats available is what drives us to raise and care for our animals. Our animals are lovingly raised with daily hands on attention. Happy, healthy animals make tastier meat. 

Premium Dry Aged Beef (Dry-aged for 14-21 days), provides a more flavorful and tender cut. Pound for pound your getting more beef and not water weight.
The meats are flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed to maintain its freshness and flavor. Our hotdogs and smoked products are uncured and nitrate / nitrite free.

Zekiah Farms’ choice of beef and pork; receiving a mix of steaks, ground, roast, sausage, hot dogs, BBQ, etc


 Meat Share (6 months)                                                                       $/Share
Whole Meat: 20 lbs per month with 120 lbs over the life of the share   $1050
Half Meat: 10 lbs per month with 60 lbs over the life of the share           $555


Chicken Share: chickens are free range and processed whole and frozen. Chickens aren’t available January through March. You can purchase a three month share for the Spring. (April through June). Six month share for July through Dec.  You will recieve 2 chickens per month.  Chickens generally average 4 to 6 lbs each.  Our chickens are very meaty and make wonderful broth.

Chicken: 2/month for 6 month season is $220


Produce and Egg Share
Available seasonally

CSA season will run from May to September. Throughout the 18 week season, members will be able to pick up their weekly share at the farm on Saturday from 12 to 3 pm.


Produce Share: 

The produce share will include a variety of seasonal Southern Maryland vegetables, herbs, and fruit; each hand picked for you. The exact selection and amount of produce depends on the nature of each season. Some trends are always present; at the beginning of the season, quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on salad and greens. Toward the middle of the season, the variety and quantity is at its greatest. Following items were included in the last years CSA: Apples, Beans Green & Wax, Beets, Blackberry, Broccoli, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Celery, Corn Sweet, Cucumbers pickling, Cucumbers slicing, Egg Plant Fairytail, Egg Plant purple, Egg Plant white, Herbs, Kohlrabi, Kale, Onions, Peaches, Peppers Bell, Peppers Hot, Potatoes Red/White, Potatoes Sweet, Squash Acorn, Squash Butternut, Squash Yellow, Squash Zucchini, Tomato grape, Tomato Heirloom, Tomato Regular, Tomato Roma, Watermelon seedless and local raw honey.


Traditional CSA – The member shares in the bounty harvested each week. The farm determines the amount and type of produce.

Whole $540 / $30 /wk
Half $432 / $24/wk





Egg Share: One dozen per week $72.00/ 18 week season
Our hens are naturally raised and allowed free range of the farm during the day, ensuring that they receive plenty of exercise and fresh air. In turn they produce large brown and white eggs with excellent flavor to fill your share order.


All contracts must be paid in full and received at lest one month prior to the start of new CSA. Please make checks payable to Zekiah Farms, LLC.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards for payment. Please stop by farm store or call for credit card payments.


Installment Plan: Both checks must be received with contract.

1st: check for half to be paid with contract
2nd: check for last half to be post dated for deposit for the third month of CSA. This check will be held until the deposit date, which will allow it to clear the bank by the midpoint.


Drop off sites.  We would be willing to have drop off sites, if a group of customers were developed from a community, business, or church.  If you would like to help develop a site in your community, please contact us.


Thank you for your interest in Zekiah Farms’ CSA.  


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